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Online Resources and Support for Coursework

Links and support for online learning.


Colorado College uses Eduroam as our internet provider, anyone with CC login credentials can go to any campus that also uses Eduroam and connect to the internet.
here are locations all over the United States and select locations outside of the U.S.  View the list of active Eduroam sites to find one near you.

Electronic Resources

When not on campus, you must use a special link that directs you through the proxy system to access materials.

Most users will see the single sign-on login. Use your Colorado College username and login.

Access from Off Campus

Off campus and need to use the e-resources? Use the library's links. Alternatively, log into the campus network using VMWare Horizon.

Library links can be located in Databases A-Z, the library catalog, or specific LibGuides. You will be asked to log into CC's CAS system. If you have forgotten your password or are having difficulty with MFA (Multifactor Authentication), please contact the ITS Solutions Center.

Interlibrary Loan during the pandemic

During the covid-19 public health emergency, many libraries nationwide are shut down to a greater or lesser degree. That makes interlibrary loan (ILL) difficult.

During this time, we are not able to request loans of books from other libraries.

We can, however, attempt to get articles and book chapters for you since they arrive electronically as PDF documents.

  1. Sign up for an ILL account. Unfortunately it doesn't use CC single sign-on, but it is free.
  2. When using library databases, look for the Tutt Link icon where there is no full text available. 
  3. Click on Tutt Link. If it doesn't find full text in another database, it will give you a link to create an ILL request.
  4. You will be directed to sign in to your account, review the request, and submit it.
  5. You will get an email from our ILL office when your article is ready for you to download.

Questions? Try chatting with a Tutt librarian using the link on the library homepage.