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Economics and Business: LC Classification

LC Classsification for Econmics

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Economic Theory, Demography

HB 71-74 Economics as a science
HB 77 - 87 History of Economic Theory by Period
HB 90 - 99

Economic Theory by School: Physiocrats,
Manchester School, Neoclassical, Keynesians

HB 101 - 130 Economic Theory by Region or Country
HB 131 - 147 Methodology and Econometrics
HB 201 - 846 Economic Theory by Topic

HB 501


HB 615


HB 848 - 3697 Demography
HB 3711 - 3840 Business Cycles
  HC Economic History and Conditions
HC 27 Communication of Information
HC 31 - 59 Economic History by Period
HC55-79 Environment and natural resource economics
HC 85 Natural Resources
HC 94 - 1085 Economic History by Region or Country



HD 28-88


HD 30.28

Strategic planning

HD 31

Organizational management

HD 47.3

Industrial management

HD 57.7


HD 58.7

Organizational behaviour

HD 58.8

Organizational change

HD 66

Teams in the workplace /Team leadership

HD 72-88

Economic growth, development, planning

HD 6958.5-6976

Industrial relations - Employment relations

HD 9980.5

Service industries - Marketing


Transportation and Communications

HE 305-311

Urban transportation

HE 331-380

Traffic engineering. Roads and highways

HE 1001-5600

Railroads. Rapid transit systems

HE 7601-8700.9

Telecommunication industry

HE 8701-9680.7

Telephone industry

HE 9713-9715

Cellular and wireless telephone

HE 9761-9900

Air transportation



HF 1014

Balance of trade

HF 1021-1027

Commercial /Economic geography

HF 1351-1602

International economic relations

HF 1416

Export marketing

HF 1701-2701

Tariff. Free trade. Protectionism

HF 3000-4055

By region or country

HF 5410-5417


HF 5415.13

Marketing - Management

HF 5415.32

Consumer behaviour

HF 5415.55

Relationship marketing

HF 5429

Retail trade - Management

HF 5549

Personnel management - Human resource

HF 5549.5

Manpower planning - Career managment

HF 5801-6182



Business communication



HG 173


HG 179

Personal finance

HG 201-2496


HG 1501-3550


HG 3691-3769

Credit. Debt. Loans

HG 3810-4000

International finance. Foreign exchange

HG 4001-4285

Finance management. Corporate finance

HG 4501-6051


HG 8011-9999



Public Finance

HJ 2005-2216

Income and expenditure. Budget

HJ 2240-5908

Revenue. Taxation. Internal Revenue

HJ 7461-7980

Expenditures. Government spending

HJ 8001-8899

Public Debts

HJ 9103-9695

Local finance. Municipal finance

HJ 9701-9940

Public Accounting. Auditing

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