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Federal Government Databases and Search Engines

Verified User Databases

Can use in the library; must have Colorado College account to access outside of library.

AGRICOLA, 1982 - current
  Agriculture and allied disciplines; plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, soil and water resources; economics, engineering, products, alternative farming practices, and food and nutrition.
Congressional Indexes 1789-1972
  Congressional and legislative information; members of congress including voting records, addresses, etc.
CQ Library, 1991 - current
  Current and controversial issues with summaries, insight into all sides of the issues, bibliographies and more.
ERIC Database
  Bibliographic records of journal articles and education-related materials
GeoRef, 1785 - current
  A comprehensive geoscience database covering subjects such as mineralogy and crystallography, general mineralogy, mineralogy of silicates, and mineralogy of non-silicates.
Historical Statistics Of The United States, 1600s - current
  Annual time series of the U.S. population, economic indicators, social conditions, and government. From colonial times to the present.
Homeland Security Digital Library
  Collection of homeland security policy and strategy related documents - U.S. policy documents, presidential directives, and national strategy documents as well as specialized resources such as theses and research reports from various universities, organizations, local agencies and state agencies
Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research
  Provides large data sets such as public opinion polls, attitude surveys, health information, results of research projects. Data may require use of specialized software such as SPSS or SAS.
LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe1977 - current
  Access to popular press material such as newspaper articles. Also contains law review articles.
19th Century Masterfile, 1200's-1930
  Collection of dozens of indexes to English-language publishing prior to 1930. Indexing coverage includes Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, 1802-1906; Index to Nineteenth century historical periodicals; U.S. patents, 1790-1873; U.S. government publications, 1774-1881; and British House of Commons and House of Lords, 1803-1830. Indexing also books, newspapers and periodicals. Links to full text in other databases, HathiTrust and Google Books.
National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series
  Focus on empirical research such as the development of new statistical measures, effects of public policy on U.S. economy, and estimating quantitative models of economic behavior
OECD ILibrary, 1967 - current
  Books, journals, working papers, statistics, and glossaries published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; search by country, theme, date, content type, and more; exportable data tables and graphs
PAIS International, 1915 - current
  Articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents, book chapters, and statistical directories about public affairs.
World development report, 1978 - current
  Published annually by the World Bank, these reports address various issues pertinent to the changing development landscape.