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Federal Government Databases and Search Engines

Specialized Government Search Engines

Browse topics - topical gateway

“Start here”

Use Google search platform and limit to ““ and other related domains such as .mil

USA.Gov – topical links from the federal government, local and tribal governments and foreign nations

Gov – comprehensive directory of Official Federal, State, and Local Government and Court links

SearchGov – searches: keyword, and listing of Federal agencies and states; excludes “.mil”

INFOMINE – selected searchable scholarly internet resources


Library of Congress – search library catalog and a whole lot more

Military – index of U.S. military Internet sites; only “.mil”

Militaray Quick Portal - for key topics grouped by subject

Science and Research – links for the sciences, from USA.Gov

NTIS Database – search for information on over 750,000 government research products from 1990+

Office of Sientific and Technical Information  - science informiation

Dead/defunct Websites

CyberCemetery – “permanent public access to the electronic web sites and publications of defunct US government agencies and commissions”

Memory Hole – 300+ rescued Congressional Research Service Reports that were pulled from the Web – fact-filled reports on current and hot issues

Wayback Machine – Internet archive – useful but is hit or miss