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Qualtrics Survey Guide

use this software to create surveys

Qualtrics Results

I. View Reports

  • Top right – how many started and completed
  • Stats – more info about the completion process
    •       How long it took, what time started, what day, which completed
    •        Response rates can help inform about format and nature of questions

II. Initial (default)

  • add graphs, get a report/edit report, download data to Excel
  • Left side – customize order, if displayed
    •  2 defaults for each q – tables of frequency and stats (numbers)
    • Filters
    • Drill down – get stats of mean (average) and variance (spread), etc.
  • Table options – change how display and export
    •  Add graph/table – change types, move around
  • Middle – style editor

 III. Options (Right Side)

  • Copy/Public/Export in formats
  • Report Options
    • Make public – viewers don’t need account, Can password protect
    • Schedule – can set up reports being sent automatically to 1 or more

 IV. Responses

  • See individual, search within responses
  • Click on Actions for individual to retake

V. Download

  • Records default to empty cell if q not answered

 VI. Cross-tabulation