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Qualtrics Survey Guide

use this software to create surveys

Survey Steps

  1. Establish the goals of the project
    – decide what you want to learn
    1. the goals of the project determine whom you will survey and what you will ask
    2. if your goals are unclear, the results will probably be unclear.

  2. Determine your sample – 2 main components
    1. first is deciding what kind of people to interview – “target population”
    2. how many people you need to interview
    3. careful of population bias

  3. Choose interviewing methodology
    1. How you will interview – person, phone, email, computer, etc.;
    2. How you will distribute: web page popup, email, paper and transfer results to online version

  4. Create your questionnaire
    (see Survey Construction box)
    1. KISS – keep it short and simple.
    2. Divid questions into three groups:
      1. must know,
      2. useful to know
      3. and nice to know.
    3. Then discard the last group, unless the previous two groups are very short.

  5. Start with an introduction:
    1. who you are and why you want the information
    2. it will also encourage people to complete your questionnaire

  6. Pre-test the questionnaire

  7. Distribute or conduct interviews
    (code and enter interview data)

  8. Analyze the data – Produce the reports
    1. how to handle open ended questions
    2. coding adn grouping responses    
    3. download or excel display

Note: Human Subjects Permission