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Qualtrics Survey Guide: Create

use this software to create surveys

Qualtircs Create

All point and click

I. Add questions

  • navigation bar on right shows types of and what you can do with them
  • force responses – can’t move forward

 Two Logic Functions

  1. Skip – move past questions
  2. Display – if answer one way, then something

Embed - using rich text editor on questions to change fonts, add files and media
(from publicly hosted sites – ei YouTube)

Advanced Options - to reorder with Auto-number questions

Label – not seen by survey takers, used for viewing results in reports

Add Introduction with page break

  • screen informing who you are
  • what is the purpose of your survey (may have sent with survey link)

II. Look and Feel

 Add progress bar – shows participant how far along they are

III. Survey Options

  • to add for survey takers    
  • "back" navigation
  • save and continue
  • prevent ballot box stuffing (limits 1 entry per computer)
  • ending survey
    • redirect to single report – shows participant how they answered
    • end of survey message from library / thank you – customize

Don’t forget to spell check and preview!

Have sample takers try out and give feedback.


Sign up for an individual account on campus.


A. Webinar Training sessions

  1. Basic Training
  2. Advanced Editing Training
  3. Advanced Distribution Training
  4. Advanced Reporting Training

B.Immediate online help

C.Email a Pro

D. Call an expert

Monday-Friday from 9am–8pm EST