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Congressional and Legislative Tracking: Hearing, Prints and Reports


Information about “rules” in the House, whether there was floor debate and/or a conference committee and report, votes, and related questions: Congressional Record [title varies], 1789-

  • Official record of the floor debates and votes of Congress.
  • "Senate Bills and Resolutions" and "House Bills and Resolutions" sections at the end of each year’s index volume give page numbers for:
    • "rules," debate, conferences, conference reports, and votes

Congressional Universe

  • Use “Congressional Record”

FedSys, 1983-

  • “Congressional Record Index” for page numbers
  • “Congressional Record” to search full text 


Committee Documents and Reports include committee roll call votes if there were any. They describe the purpose of the bill and the reasons the Committee recommends approval, cost estimates, any executive request about the bill, the text of changes in existing laws, and Committee amendments to the original bill.

Congressional Universe (CC and library use)
  - use “Text of Documents”, 1995- and “Text of Reports”, 1990
  - search by topic, limit to a committee and Congress number (date).

  - “Congressional Documents”, 1995- or “Congressional Reports”, 1995-

More Indexes

U.S. Serial Set Index, 1789-1969. (DOCS INDEX)
Arranged in 4 time periods, 3 vols. each, by broad subject headings. Use the subject volumes for topics. Each citation includes the Serial Set volume number (e.g., H.Ex doc.256 (41-2) 1425 = House Executive Document number 256, 41st Congress, 2nd session, Serial Set number 1425). 

U.S. Congressional Serial Set Catalog, 1981- (DOCS INDEX)
Arranged by Congress, then by chamber and report or document. Gives Congressional Serial Set number in which appropriate report can be found. 

Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications, 1895- (DOCS)
  - (See description under “Finding Congressional Legislative Documents.”)
  - Search by the subject of the legislation. Note the type of Report or Document and Congress (also session if available).
  - Use the Checklist or the Numerical Lists and Schedule of Volumes

Numerical Lists and Schedule of Volumes, 1933-1980. (DOCS INDEX)

Checklist of U.S. Public Documents 1789-1910. (DOCS INDEX)


Hearings contain the testimony of people interested in a government program/initiative or in the passage or defeat of a bill — representatives of the administrative branch, members of Congress, state and local officials, interest group representatives, and others. (Hearings are not held for every bill.)
Access hearings via:
   - Congressional Universe
   - FedSys

Committee Prints are publications from committees.  Use the TIGER catalog to find and request.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications, 1895- (DOCS G 3.8)
(See description under “Finding Congressional Legislative Documents.”)
    - Search by the subject of the legislation.
    - Note the SuDOC number for the hearing(s) or committee print(s) starts with Y 4.
    - Look for call numbers in the paper and microfiche collections.

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