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Congressional and Legislative Tracking: Documents & Legislation

Congressional documents @ Tutt Library

Dating from 1789:

  • summaries of bills,
  • House and Senate documents and reports,
  • Public Laws, 1789-
  • many Congressional Committee Hearing, 1965-
    • After 1993, hearings were received in microfiche
    • also have electronic access (via Congressional Universe)

Other Congressional publications maybe available on the Internet.

How to...

How Our Laws Are Made. Washington: GPO

Click on 'Overview" in Congressional Universe to see the types of publications that are produced by

Congressional Publications and Proceedings: Research on Legislation, Budgets, and Treaties.
(DOCS INDEX, JK1067.Z85 1988)

  • Explains the legislative process and the resulting documents 

United States Code (USC)

- is the law "as amended" divided into 50 titles (not all of which are currently in use).


Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register


About a particular bill or law (ex. bill numbers and/or the public law number): background information, what it does, and the pros and cons:
Federal legislative information: bills, resolutions, Congressional Record, schedules, calendars, committee information, Presidential Nominations, treaties and government resources

Congressional Universe, 1991- (CC and library use)
Full text of major bills introduced into Congress or recently passed bills with legislative history; includes issues reported in the New York Times, Washington Post, and L.A. Times; National Journal, 1977- and Congress Daily

Congressional Quarterly Almanac, 1945- (Request, JK1.C66)
Annual publication divided into subject chapters covering the legislation for the year such as foreign policy, urban affairs, and justice. Look at the table of contents or the index for subjects; note the year, Congress number and session, bill numbers and public law numbers (if any).

Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 1950- (PERIODICALS and CQ E-library)
'CQ Weekly' reports Congressional committee and floor activities including votes for major legislation. Provides summary of provisions of important legislation, Presidential support, interest group activity, interest group ratings of members of Congress, and voting studies. {Also indexed in PAIS.}

National Journal, 1977- (PERIODICALS and Congressional Universe)
Weekly news with 6-10 major articles per issues concerning politics and the three branches of government. It covers many of the same topics as CQ Weekly giving a more comprehensive summary and background report irregularlary and reports Presidential and interest group activity. Semiannual cumulative index. {Also indexed in PAIS.}

Congressional Digest, 1921-2008 (PERIODICALS and Academic Search Complete)
Monthly feature of a single political controversy in each issue, providing a general overview with an outline of proposed legislation. The "Pros and Cons" section typically comprised of statements by Congressional and interest group representatives. Use index. {Also indexed in Reader’s Guide and PAIS}.


Congressional Universe
Click on 'Members", 1988-
  - biographical, bill tracking by sponsor, key votes, floor statements, voting record,
    financial disclosures and campaign financial data, campaign contributions,
  - general information about committees including committee schedules
  - rules of Congress.
Federal legislative information: schedules, calendars, committee information, Presidential Nominations, etc.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-
  Short biographies of members of the House and Senate.

Congressional Directory, 1809-
  Short biographies of each member, by state or district, and more.

Project Vote Smart, 1989-
  Voting records of members of Congress.