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Congressional and Legislative Tracking: Congressional Documents


GPO’s U.S. Government Catalog - contains records from 1976 forward and many older items too, get call numbers to locate at Tutt Library or link online.

Monthly Catalog of the U.S. Government Publications, 1895-1976.
(Request, DOCS GP 3.8)
   - Congressional hearings and reports and departmental documents.
   - Use the annual index for subjects or names.
   - Before 1947 theindex number reference is to a page number; after 1947 the reference is to a citation number.
   - Note the SuDOCS call number for hearings or prints (Y 4.), bill numbers, Report and Document numbers including Congress and session numbers (ex. 101st Congress, 1st Session).


See Congressional Universe, Prospector, and The Monthly Catalog of the U.S. Government Publications indexes to locate hearings and their DOCS call
   - To locate the House and Senate Reports and Documents for each bill, note the citation (H. Rept. 365, 98th Congress, Second Session) and then locate the Serial Set volume in which the report has been placed.
   - (See middle column for “Serial Set” Numbers for House and Senate Documents and Reports.")
   - (See next tab the full text of a bill.)


Congressional Universe (CC and library use)
Information published by and about the U.S. Congress. Subject searching and:

  1. Documents: bills and bill tracking, 1989-; hearing transcripts and submitted testimony, 1988-; committee reports, 1989-; selected committee prints, 1995-; Congressional documents, 1995-
  2. Laws & Regulations: public laws, 1988-; Federal Register, 1980-; Code of Federal Regulations, current; U.S. Code, current;
  3. News/Records of Congress: Congressional Record, 1985-; National Journal, 1977-; Congress Daily, 1991-; member information (voting records, key votes, committee membership, financial disclosure, campaign financial data and contributions); and Congressional rules.

The paper equivalent is the CIS INDEX AND ABSTRACTS, 1970-1996 (DOCS INDEX). Find the SuDocs call number and look for the publication in the paper or microfiche collection.