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Sociology: Statistics

Research guidance for Sociology students

Statistical Databases - Subscription through CC


Gather your own statistics with surveys

Qualtrics is the newer of two survey tools that Colorado College subscribes to. Sign up at any time using your CC email address. Qualtrics University offers tutorials and online training.

We no longer subscribe to SurveyMonkey but you may be able to use it for free (with lots of embedded ads).

Free Sources of Statistics

U.S. statistics: Statistics

Colorado statistics:

International statistics:

Free Datasets

Here are sources of datasets on a wide variety of subjects.

ARDA: Association of Religion Data Archives - data and GIS maps of religious denominations in the U.S. and worldwide

DataBlog from The Guardian (UK Newspaper) - many data sets and analysis on a wide variety of topics.

GESIS - European and international data

Google Public Data - visualize data analysis.

Pew Research Center - access to data sets available with free registration.

SAMHSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Data

UNC Dataverse / Odum Institute Data Archive - open repository of social science data sets, including state-level polling data