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Getting started / Finding books

In many cases, a good place to start your research is with the reference sources in the tab above.

For finding books, use TIGER, the CC Library Catalog:



TIGER will tell you what we own (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) or subscribe to (journals, databases, etc.) at Colorado College. It will not help you find articles in journals. (To do that, try the tab above.)

Prospector will help you find books and other items in other Colorado libraries which you can request and have sent to Tutt Library for you to use.

WorldCat can help you find books in libraries almost anywhere and request them via interlibrary loan.

Please ask me or any librarian if you need help with TIGER, Prospector, or WorldCat. That's what we're here for.

A word about browsing:  when you go the shelf, make sure to look at the books sitting near the one you’re after. Serendipity is often the most successful method (if you can call it a method) of finding things.

About 100 Southwest Studies periodicals are available full-text at Tutt in paper or online. To find them in the library catalog, search for the keyword periodicals along with terms like southwest, arizona, new mexico, etcetera. Or check out the "find articles" tab above, which includes a list of respected Southwest Studies journals.

And here's CC's Southwest Studies program website.




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