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digitalCC & Thesis Submission Guidelines

How to submit your final copy to the repository

Follow these steps to submit the FINAL copy of your thesis. 

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click login in upper right corner and use your CC log in and password, through Single Sign On (SSO) to log in to the site.

  3. At the top of the page, hover over Submit and select Thesis.

  4. Fill out Submission Form to the best of your ability. See the Thesis Submission Form Tips tab for more information on specific fields.

  5. When finished click the green Submit button.

    • You will receive an email confirming your submission and your advisor will receive an email to view the form; your advisor can choose to approve the submission or send it back to you for revisions.

    • Once the advisor approves it, the Digital Archives staff will receive an email and will approve and publish your thesis or ask you for modifications before publishing it.

    • You will receive a final email once the thesis is published to digitalCC.

  6. Congratulations!

Is your thesis ready to submit?

Is this the FINAL version of your thesis?

  • Be sure you have made all edits and corrections before uploading. You are able to submit a new version of the thesis, but this should be done in the advisor approval steps.

Does your thesis have a title page?

  • See the tab to the left for a sample title page showing all the information we need.

Has your file been saved as a PDF or PDF/A?

  • PDF and PDF/A are the preferred formats for uploaded final thesis files.

Have you saved your file with an appropriate file name?

  • Use this naming convention - DepartmentName_LastName_ThesisTitle.pdf (For example - Chemistry_Floyd_TheTitleOfMyThesisGoesHere).

Edit your submission

Under certain circumstances you are able to edit your thesis submission. 

Once submitted to digitalCC, you are unable to edit your submission in the form while waiting for it to be approved and published. Once published, you can email us at or Rebecca Floyd at, and please copy your advisor so we know all revisions are approved. Without approval from your advisor, we cannot upload a revised document to the record.