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Thesis Submission Guidelines and Policies: Home


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Is your thesis ready to submit?

  1. Is this the FINAL version of your thesis?
    • Remember: you cannot replace your thesis with a later version. Be sure you have made all edits and corrections before uploading.
  2. Does your thesis have a title page?
    • See the tab above for a sample title page showing all the information we need.
  3. Has your file been saved as a PDF/A?
    • PDF/A is an archival PDF format that preserves the fonts and formatting in your thesis. PDF/A files show the “.pdf” file extension. Your thesis will not load unless it is a PDF/A. To convert from PDF to PDF/A, see the tab above.
  4. Have you saved your file with an appropriate file name?
    • Your file name cannot include any punctuation or periods other than one in “.pdf”.
    • Your file name cannot begin with a number.


Questions about departmental policies: 

Talk to your thesis advisor or the department office assistant.

Questions about uploading to digitalCC:

Contact Cate Guenther, Manager of digitalCC, x6875, email Cate

Questions about ordering a bound paper version of your thesis:

See the "Print Copies" tab above, and/or contact Chris Curcio, x6663, email Chris