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Classics: Find Secondary Sources

OneSearch & L'annee Philologique

Please note: L'année Philologique is one of the few library databases not included in OneSearch.  However, there is still a lot of overlapping content from other databases (e.g. JSTOR), as well as the library catalog.  

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L'annee Philologique -- Tips


  • "Full Text" searches the full text of the citation (and abstract, if available) -- not the full text of the article. 
  • Use "Modern Authors" if you want to search Classics scholars by name.  
  • Search "Ancient Authors and Texts" to find articles about an ancient author or text.  A drop-down box will help you select the correct entry. 
  • Combine categories in "Advanced Search" for strategic searching. 
    • For example, if you're looking for articles about Penelope's weaving in the Odyssey, you could try: "Ancient Authors and Texts" = Homer AND "Full Text" = weaving 

Getting the Article 

  • L'annee Philologique has citations only
  • To find the actual article:
    • Tutt Link Icon
    • This will lead you to to the article (if the library has access) 
    • You can also use Find Journals or Citation Linker to track down an article. 
  • L'annee Philologique also includes citations for books or book chapters.  Check the library catalog to see if we have the book in the citation.  
  • Ask a librarian if you need help! 

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