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Thesis Submission Guidelines and Policies

Thesis Submission Form

Name - Fill in your name as Last Name, First Name with middle name and title as desired.

Submitter's email address - Use your Colorado College email address; click the plus sign to add another email address if you want emails to go to your personal email also. This will not be displayed to the public.

Graduation Year and Department - Fill in just the year of your graduation and the department for which you are submitting this thesis. Note that this may not be the year you finish this thesis. If the department is not listed in the drop down menu, fill out the "If Other" field. The Major Concentration is optional.

Thesis Title - Enter the title using Title Case where all major words are capitalized and minor words are lower case. Do not enter title in all caps.

Abstract - Ideally this is the abstract written for the thesis. If you did not write an abstract, please write a few sentence description of the thesis.

Subject Keywords - These keywords are one way people can find your thesis. Enter as many as you'd like but only one per line; se the plus sign to add more. 

Advisor - The last person you enter will be notified of your submission and will be in charge of approving it to be added the repository. If you had more than one advisor, list them all with the main advisor last.

Awards - List any awards your thesis may have received. Please check your entry as it will appear exactly how you type it.

Language(s) of work - If your paper is written in another language, please change this from English to that language.

Date Completed - This needs be the date you completed your thesis, which may or may not be the date you are submitting this form. 

Generate DOI - Only use this if necessary, we pay for DOIs.

License - This is where you choose if and how you want others to be able to reuse your work. The most conservative and standard choice is 'Copyright reserved, non-exclusive rights granted to Colorado College for distribution." This means you retain full copyrights and Colorado College can publish your paper on digitalCC. For more information on the other license options, see the Copyright libguide

Deposit Submission Agreement - Choose whether you agree with the deposit submission agreement

Physical Description - If you are uploading more than one file, you will click the plus sign to add more file types. In Type of Media, select PDF files, image, video, or sound files. For Details, you'll let us know a little more about your files. For total number of pages, please enter the amount of pages in your full PDF (including title page, bibliography, etc.). 

File Uploads - Drop a file in the box to upload. 

Cancel, Save, Submit - Click Submit when you are finished. You and your advisor will both receive an email after you submit your thesis. See the main page of this guide for the publication process.