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Sustainability: Food & Agriculture


Title Years
Agriculture and Food Security (Springer) 2012-Current
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (formerly known as Journal of Sustainable Agriculture) 1997-Current
Food and Energy Security (Wiley) 2012-Current
Food Security (Springer) 2009-Current
Global Food Security 2012-Current
International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 2003-Current
Sustainable Agriculture Research" 2012-Current




Food Security: Definition and Measurement Per Pinstrup-Anderson Food Security 2009 v.1 no.1 p.5-7

Food Security: The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People H. Charles J. Godfray et al. Science 2010 v.327 no.5967 p.812-818

Soil Carbon Sequestration Impacts on Global Climate Change and Food Security R. Lal. Science, 2004, v.304 no.5677, p.1623-1627


This is just a sample of books related to food and security, sustainability, etc. Try searching the library catalog for more!


Food Security in the US from USDA Economic Research Service

Global Food Security from USDA Economic Research Service

Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture from U.N.