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PS470 Tutorial in International Political Economy: Academic Sources

To highlight resource tying globalization issues to historical and current development of international institutions and multilateral treaties in the regulation of the world economy and environment.

Scholarly v. Popular

Video produced by Wayne State University Libraries.

A Quick Guide to Evaluating Periodical Articles

These criteria apply to all periodicals (online or print).

      Scholarly Articles have:

    Popular Magazines
on the other hand:

  • Bibliography, footnotes, or endnotes.
    - evidence of the research conducted
    to produce the article
  • Written by expert(s) in the field.
    information describing the author’s credentials and position
  • Published by Associations, Research Institutes, University Presses.
  • “Peer reviewed.”
    -  the policy of experts in the field examining journal articles before acceptance
    for publication
  • Written in the jargon of the field.
     - for scholarly readers (professors, researchers or students.)
  • Illustrations that support the text.
     - such as tables of statistics, graphs, maps, or photographs
  • No footnotes or references.
  • Written by journalists who are usually not experts in the field.
  • Easy to read. Intended for lay audience. Informative and entertaining.
  • Short articles.
  • Many advertisements throughout the magazine.
  • Glossy, slick. Illustrated with graphics and photos.
  • Unsigned articles.