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PS470 Tutorial in International Political Economy: Tracking Sources

To highlight resource tying globalization issues to historical and current development of international institutions and multilateral treaties in the regulation of the world economy and environment.

Web of Science

Web of Science - contains 3 Scholarly Citation Indexes:

  • Science (1900-present)
  • Social Sciences (1900-present)
  • Arts & Humanities (1975-present)

Use to find influential articles
   and track citation usage.

   and bring an article up-to-date
            - see what articles have used it since it was published.

Recommended for advanced users.

A Citation Map with forward and backward views. Source: Web of Science (Thomson Reuters)


Finidng Citations

Along with Web of Science also try 

- use the Settings gear icon to limit to Business and Economic
- note the "Cited by" links

Use both --  They have different strengths.

  • Google Scholar surfs the internet resulting in a wide range of sources,
  • Web of Science’s citations are a select group of academic titles.

Using both tools, you can develop a very complete citation picture.

Leverage Footnotes and Bibliographies

Footnotes and bibliographies

     ... are a quick way to find related materials
and track authors.


Two components:

1. what was cited in the orginal article
2. find out who has cited an article
     since it was published