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Political Science: Finding Journal Literature

library and other key resources in this discipline

Mine bibliographies

Option 1:

Examine the references in articles you've already found then use Find Journals to get access or request via ILL.


Option 2:

Using those articles you've already found, search the Web of Science for other articles that cite them.
Note possible data sources.

Searching options

Search more effectively in bibliographic databases

Expand you searching for articles beyond keyword searches.

Authors: After identifying important articles in your area, search for more articles by those authors.

Organizations: Organizations publish reports. If you identify a relevant organization (a think-tank, an institute, NGO, IGO, etc.), search for that organization as an author.

Descriptors: Also, search databases based on good articles you've read: 1. use the descriptors used by the database for the article in new searches.

Advanced Search Screen: there are many options such as document type (case studies, book chapters, etc.), language or geographic limiters, and so on.

Citation Searching

Web of Science contains scholarly citation Indexes:

  • Science (1900-present)
  • Social Sciences (1900-present)
  • Arts & Humanities (1975-present)

Find influential articles and track citation usage.
Find what newer articles have used the original it since it was published.

Recommended for advanced users.

A Citation Map with forward and backward views. Source: Web of Science (Thomson Reuters)


  - note the "Cited by" links


A Note on Search Terms

Databases and catalogs can often use language that is offensive or outdated.  Remember to try searching a variety of keywords-- even if it's not a term you prefer or would use yourself.  

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