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SciFinder: Home

What is SciFinder?

SciFinder, from the CAS division of the American Chemical Society, is the most comprehensive database for scholarly literature in chemistry. It includes references to journal articles, conference proceedings, pre-prints, patents, dissertations, and more back to 1907. 

The book

To Access SciFinder

SciFinder requires that you register for an individual user account before you can use it and is only available to current CC students, faculty and staff.  If you already have an account you can login to SciFinder.

If you do not have an account, access Colorado College’s User Registration for SciFinder. You must be on campus in order to register. 

Individual registration is required for use of SciFinder.

  1. Register for SciFinder
  2. Click next
  3. Enter your contact information (you must use your CC email address)
  4. Create username and password. This does not need to match your CC username and password.
    • Click the Tips link to see the rules for your username and password (special characters, length, etc.)
  5. Select a security question from the drop-down list and provide the answer
  6. Click register
  7. A message indicates that you will receive an e-mail from CAS. Check your e-mail to complete the registration
  8. You can now use SciFinder on or off-campus. You will be asked to login with your TIGER number and then with your individual SciFInder account. 

Contact the Research Desk (719-389-6662 or emailfor help.