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SciFinder: Troubleshooting


Trouble logging in?

  1. Be sure to Register on-campus.
  2. If your password doesn't work, on your browser go into Tools, Internet Options, General Tab, under Browsing History (Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords, and web form information) click on Delete. Try logging in again.
  3. If your password still doesn't work, switch to another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Always allow pop-ups from SciFinder.


Follow these tips to avoid or help with common 'slip-ups' and 'road blocks' you might encounter on your way to becoming a seasoned SciFinder user!  (if you continue to have problems or questions, please ask the Natural Sciences Librarian, Lesley Mackie, 312 Tutt Library or visit the Research Desk, 2nd floor of Tutt Library):

  • I've forgotten my SciFinder login Username or Password! At the SciFinder login screen, click on the link "Forgot Username or Password?" and in the boxes provided, enter EITHER your username OR your DePaul email address.  You'll shortly receieve a link in your email allowing you to reset your password.
  • I know how to get started in SciFinder, but I just need some quick help to get me started with my searches! SciFinder's 'Support' pages include a helpful collection of short task-oriented tutorials & FAQs HERE. Also feel free to ask the Natural Sciences Librarian, Lesley Mackie, (312 Tutt Library) or visit the Research Desk, 2nd floor of Tutt Library.
  • My browser or SciFinder session crashed and I lost all my work!  It's nasty & frustrating, and happens to us all at least once. Some strategies and 'good habits' you might consider for avoiding future such disappointment include saving your work as you go along. For instance, you can use the "Save" tool (located on upper right of your search results screen) to name and save a particular set of search results for future retrieval via the "Saved Searches" menu (located along upper left hand banner).
  • What do I click on to get full text? (I don't see any "TuttLink" links!)  Within any given article record, get full text by first clicking on the link marked "Link to Other Sources" - whereupon SciFinder will open a pop-up window in order to run its 'CAS Full Text' tool, which in turn, links to the "TuttLink' link.  To allow the popups and CAS Full Text resolver to work, you may need to change your browser's pop-up management settings to allow popups for all websites with the web domain ""
  • Nothing happens when I click "Link to Other Sources" to get full text.  Be sure that your browser settings allow pop-ups (set to allow pop-ups for all website addresses ending in ""). Then, when clicking "Link to Other Sources," a new window will open that provides the "TuttLink" you need to access full text.
  • How can I access the mobile version of SciFinder ('SciFinder Mobile) on my iPad?  Unfortunately, iPads do not identify themselves to SciFinder as mobile devices (unlike iPhones or iTouches). Unless your web-enabled device is identified as 'mobile,' SciFinder will 'see' it as a fully Internet-capable device, and will direct you to the full version of SciFinder.