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Government Web Sites: FDLP

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This is GPO's beta website that will eventually replace (2018) the Federal Digital System (FDsys) public website.


Image result for gpo libguides    FDLP LibGuides from GPO: A Pilot Program

Beginning March 1, 2017, a pilot for FDLP LibGuides was conducted to determine whether or not to provide library guides to the FDLP Community using Springshare’s LibGuides software.

The test consisted of nine volunteer librarians from the FDLP community and a project team from the GPO (LSCM unit).

Guides included:

Guides created by the FDLP community were linked from the FDLP pilot site and included a wide variety of topics.

The pilot ran for eight weeks. Feedback was encouraging. GPO is currently analyzing the pilot, and recommendations for future implementation will be made soon.