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GS 233: Topics in Journalism - Income Distribution: Databases

A comprehensive list of tools to look at income distribution between citizens living within the United States and around the globe as a whole.

Statistical and Scholarly

 From the American Economic Association, journal articles, books, dissertations and papers on economics; rigorous research and case studies.


 Good tool for the researcher who wants to see statistical tables without wading through larger documents; search exclusively inside statistical tables, based on the table and row headings, the title, assigned subject descriptors, or bibliographic information.


 Search this database for the full text of congressional publications, bills, laws and other research materials produced by the U.S. Legislature.

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  Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)
  Indexes and selectively publishes post-1990
  scholarship and reports on international affairs.
 Scholarly articles in social science fields, good tool to check for papers on income distribution written by authors in these professions.


 Search business publications and trade journals for marketing, management, accounting, finance and economics. Also includes information from major reference works, book digests, conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, and company profiles.


  A private nonprofit research organization that provides economic research.

Popular Media

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Wall Street Journal

Search the complete archives
for authoritative articles on
subjects related to business,
industry, and income distribution.
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New York Times and
Historical, 1851-1923

Top newspapers such as the NYT
often publish "trend" articles about
important issues such as rising
inequality in society. 
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Current in paper, 
backfiles on microfiche

View articles published in the
Economist magazine, one of the
leading magazines covering the
intersection of industry and
politics globally.