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GS 233: Topics in Journalism - Income Distribution: Statistics

A comprehensive list of tools to look at income distribution between citizens living within the United States and around the globe as a whole.


Cover Art Human Development Index
Download the latest report on global well-being from the
Human Development Index web site here.

The reports include the most authoritative data on
income distribution around the world.


World Income Inequality Database

WIID collects and stores information on income inequality
for developed, developing, and transition countries.


Public Data Explorer

Create visualizations from the latest global economic data
with this tool powered jointly by Human Development Index
and Google, who have collaborated to create an interactive
means of exploring the subject of economic well-being around the world.
        Cover Art World Development Report Archive
Download the latest annual reports on a subject of global
economic well-being from a certain thematic perspective:

2016 report focuses on the impact of the Internet,
the 2014 report looked at risk and opportunity,
and the 2013 report looked at jobs.
World Bank Data
User-friendly digital interface that allows researchers to search the World Bank's database of economic information by country or by topic or by indicator.
Cover Art

United Nations Database

This free, internet-based tool allows users to search
all UN statistical databases through one search engine.


American Fact Finder
Provides access to large amounts of data collected by the United States government in its censuses and surveys. User-friendly digital interface provides access to information by state, county, city, town, or zip code, and displays results about population size, age, businesses, education, housing, income, languages spoken, etc. Also provides easy access to tables, datasets, and reports.
Cover Art
Bureau of Economic Analysis
This page at the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis offers a powerful digital tool to search for information about personal income, GDP, and industry output, among other subjects. Site provides access to data at the regional, national, or international level. It is easy to print, save and export date, to share it with others via social media, or to use it to create visually-appealing charts.
Cover Art
Federal Reserve Archive
This powerful digital interface allows researchers to download recent documents written by different branches of the Federal Reserve Bank, search through the Fed's archives, or explore the data collected by the Fed, which includes statistics on income, how the workforce has changed, bank debt, retail prices, department store sales, national economic policy, amounts of various kinds of debt, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, and the federal budget, among other topics.
Pew Research Center
Non-profit think tank based in Washington,
D.C. that provides information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends. Publishes articles on income inequality aimed at a popular audience; provides a good synthesis of available thought for the lay person, along with data visualizations.