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Some Online Sources

Current Population Survey

Current Population Survey Publications at Docs C 3.186:

– Employment Situation & Historical Monthly Reports; Earnings; Education, Training, and Job Tenure; Employment (including Unemployment) Issues; Geographical Mobility & Trends; Hispanic Origin; Income; Industry and Occupation; International Comparisons; Labor Force Projections & Status/Trends; Person, Family, and Household Characteristics; Poverty; Employment and Earnings; Race; etc.


TIGER Products -several file types for mapping census geographic data based on data (Census)

CensusScope - easy use - manipulate data or explore demographic trends, maps, charts and tables (University of Michigan)


Census 2010

  • American Factfinder - portal to data from the 2000 and the 2010 censuses, the American Community Survey, Economic Census, and Population Estimates. (Fall 2011 will be discontinued and transferred to American Fact Finder)
  • State & County QuickFacts- areas with more than 5000 people
  • Censtats Databases - list of currently available databases

In addition to the decennial census, the bureau conducts other surveys which provides detailed demographic information between each census.

  • American Community Survey - annually (except during decennial census year); 48 questions to randomly selected households throughout the U.S. providing data about income, education, household type and makeup, race and ancestry.
  • 2007 Economic Census - profiles U.S. national and local economies every 5 years
  • Other Census Bureau surveys and information

Historical - Census Bureau programs can be split into 2 broad categories:

1. Demographic