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Guide for alumni on accessing library resources after graduation.

Library Catalog

Search the catalog for books in Tutt & Seay Music Libraries. Alumni can check out books. E-books can be accessed on Tutt Library computers. Journals, government documents, microform, and Special Collections items may be found in the catalog as well.

Local Options

For U.S. residents (and residents of many other countries), there's probably a public library near you. Every library has different options, but it's likely that a free library card will grant you access to checking out books, cheap DVD rentals, on-site computer access and at-home database access.

You may also have universities and colleges in your vicinity with public access to the library stacks and possibly some borrowing privileges. Take a look at their policies for library visitors, or give them a call/email -- it doesn't hurt to ask.

Live in Colorado Springs? Check out Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD).

Don't forget that used bookstores and websites can provide cheap alternatives to buying new books. Books published before 1923 could be digitized and freely available online; check Google Books for these older titles.