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Feminist and Gender Studies: Int'l Women's Day


"On March 8, 1857 women in the garment industry marched through New York City to protest their 12 hour a day sweatshop working conditions. Many were beaten by police. Two years later, again in March, they formed their own union. 

On March 8, 1908, again in NYC, 15,000 garment workers marched for shorter hours, better pay, an end to child labour, and the vote. For the first time the slogan "bread and roses" was heard in the streets -- bread, for economic justice, roses, for a better quality of life.

In 1910, at the suggestion of German socialist leader Clara Zetkin, the Socialist International adopted March 8 as International Women's Day, to honour these courageous struggles.

March 8, 1917 -- women garment workers in Petrograd struck to protest food shortages and horrible working conditions. Other workers rallied to their banner on this, the first day of the Russian Revolution...

March 8 commemorates a history of struggle for women's liberation. It provides a moment for us to pause, reflect and rededicate ourselves, women and men, to the goal of eliminating class, race and gender oppression. More importantly, the rich experiences of the women who fought these fights before us offer lessons for how we can carry on the struggle" (From "International Women's Day." Canadian Dimension 26.n2, 1992).

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