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Colorado Government

State, county and city levels of government; state sports teams, local information for Colorado Springs

Corona Virus 19

Covid 19 in Colorado -

- Colorado Covid Data

Colorado’s COVID-19 dial framework standardizes different levels of “openness” at the county level.

CC COVID-19 dashboard -- metrics on campus and in El Paso County 

  • exposure, testing, and positive test results

Special Legislative Session Starts November 30

Track all legislative bills on the General Assembly’s website. (In the “session” dropdown menu, set the selection to 2020 Extraordinary Session.)

State of Colorado

File:Flag-map of Colorado.svg - Wikipedia

State of Colorado 

Colorado State Symbols & Emblems

Colorado Facts 

Colorado data from States Perform

  • comparative performance measurement data 
  • 6 areas: fiscal & economic, public safety and justice, energy and environment, transportation, health and human services, and education



  Colorado State Publications


Colorado is presumptively copyrightable, in other words, Colorado documents are generally not in the public domain and thus not readily available for duplication and distribution.

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