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CC100 The Renaissance Thinkers -- Primary Source Materials

Databases of primary source materials relevant to Renaissance Italian studies

OldMapsOnline developed out of a love of history and heritage of old maps. The project began as a collaboration between Klokan Technologies GmbH, Switzerland and The Great Britain Historical GIS Project based at the University of Portsmouth, UK thanks to funding from JISC.

These open access sources compiled by the library at BYU's EuroDocs are readily available to all -- without fees or subscriptions.

Links connect to European primary historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced in facsimile, or translated.

In addition you will find video or sound files, maps, photographs or other imagery, databases, and other documentation.

The sources cover a broad range of historical happenings (political, economic, social and cultural).

  • Internet Culturale
    Italian interface. Catalogs and digitizes collections from Italian libraries, including great resources like Il Mondo di Petrarca, Grand Tour: Il viaggio in Toscana dei viaggiatori inglesi e francesi dalla fine del XVII secolo ai primi del XIX secolo, and Archeologia in posa: Dal Colosseo a Cecilia Metella nell'antica documentazione fotografica.
Online database.
In cooperation with Fordham University
(1265-1574; English transcriptions)
  • Manuscriptorium
    The Manuscriptorium project is creating a virtual research environment providing access to all existing digital documents in the sphere of historic book resources (manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books, maps, charters and other types of documents). The service provides seamless access to more than 5 million digital images.
  • European History Primary Sources
    European History Primary Sources (EHPS) is a joint initiative of the Library and the Department of History and Civilization of the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. It is also part of the WWW Virtual Library History Central Catalogue that is hosted at the EUI.

Links to various collections of manuscripts from the Bibliotheca Carolina (8th and 9th centuries), the Library of Charles V and Family (14th century) and the Library of the Aragonese Kings of Naples (15th and 16th centuries).

Browse the manuscripts.
(8th-16th centuries; facsimiles, English interface)
Chronologically organized collection of Italian literature.
From Bibliotheca Augustana
(9th-20th century; facsimiles and transcriptions. Italian interface)

The digital collections of the Bodleian Libraries of Oxford University.

Searchable datasets at Brown University.
(1427–1429 A.D.)
Searchable datasets at the University of Wisconsin
Florence: 1427–1429, 1458, 1480 A.D.
Verona: 1425 & 1502 A.D.
(1425–1502 A.D.)
Quote from exhibit:
"This early book of sailing directions served as a handy guide for the sailor and a storehouse of practical information for laymen. The use of the hand and zodiac for information was considered vital to the 15th century Mediterranean navigator."
(1499 A.D.; facsimile)
Digitized by the Archivio di Stato di Firenze.
(14th century–1537 A.D.; facsimiles - mostly letters)
Interactive digitization project of the Medici Grand Ducal Archives.
Also strongly documents Tuscan Jewish history and the history of textiles and clothing.
(1537–1743 A.D.; transcriptions & translations)


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