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GS 233: Topics in Journalism - Income Distribution: Reference Sources

A comprehensive list of tools to look at income distribution between citizens living within the United States and around the globe as a whole.


Inequality, the most frequent focus is on "income" inequality, there is also interest in political and social inequality.
Our Library of Congress classification does not use the that term as a subject heading; instead consider using:

Democracy - Economic Aspects, Equality, Fairness, Income Distribution, Poor, Poverty, Social Stratification, Wealth


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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History - Joel Mokyr (Editor)
Call Number: HC15 .O94 2003eb; Shelved in Reference
Five-volume set of encyclopedias that cover agriculture, the rise of modern industrialism, a survey of business history, labor unions, macroeconomics, levels of taxation, migration, and technology, among other subjects. Entries are organized thematically and geographically. Very comprehensive yet written in language the lay person should be able to follow. A little on the dry side.
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Encyclopedia of World Poverty - Mehmet Odekon (Editor)
Call Number: HV12 .E54 2006eb; Shelved in Reference
Three volume set that discusses poverty around the world, considers challenges with measuring poverty, and looks at its causes and effects. Written in very clear language, easily comprehensible and to the point. Also includes a Resource Guide that lists many texts that researchers may want to consult if looking for additional resources.
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The Encyclopedia of Social Work - Richard Edwards
Call Number: HV35 .S6 1995eb; Shelved on Tutt 3rd Floor
Three volume set covers all aspects of social work including Us policy, roles of, and global changes. A good complement to the economic reference sources in offering a different perspective; it explores the human side of poverty and attempts by the social work profession to meet the challenges arising from poverty.
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International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences - William A. Darity
Call Number: online
Articles on : aging, income distribution, foreign aid, food, health-care systems, personality measurements, sexual violence, and white collar crime. The expanding influence of economics in social science research is featured. The entries vary in comprehensibility, some are written in language that is very dense and require familiarity with the quantitative side of the social sciences. Not suited for the lay person but valuable for those who follow the material as it is presented.


A Dctionary of Economics - John Black Call number: online and HB61 .B554 2009; Shelved in Reference

A to Z authoritative and comprehensive with concise definitions.

The new Palgrave dictionary of economics edited by Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume Call number: online and HB61 .N49 2008 ; Shelved in Reference

Online is updated and expended edition of four volume set from eminent contributors discussing economic topics.

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Reference Books

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  Statistical Abstract of the United States
 Call Number: HA202 .P7 ; Current Shelved in Reference
  A  wide-ranging and authoritative collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of people living in the United States.

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  21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook - Rhona C. Free (Editor)
Call Number: HB171 .A19 2010; Shelved in Reference
  A comprehensive explanation of traditional economic theory. Provides highly readable summaries written in plain English of theories, terms and concepts in key areas of economics, helpful for students or researchers trying to understand the field.


 The Oxford handbook of the economics of poverty - (edited) Philip N. JeffersonCall number :  View online;
HC79.P6 O97 2012 Shelved on Tutt 3rd Floor

The book "encourages the reader to think critically about poverty.; theories are presented in a rigorous but not overly technical way; concise and straightforward empirical analyses enlighten key policy issues."
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  Income and Wealth - Alan Reynolds
Call Number: HC110.I5 R478 2006 ; Shelved Tutt 3rd Floor
  Reference source that examines income generation and how disparities arise. Reviews popular economic theories of disparity, rising salaries of CEOs, and challenges facing the middle class. Also looks at policy matters, including immigration, the minimum wage, taxes, trade quotas.



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  Census Atlas of the United States - Census Bureau (U.S.)
Call Number: View online, C 3.205/8-3:29; Shelved Docs Oversized South Basement
  Includes maps and figures that explain population, housing, income and other demographic data about the United States. The atlas also shows the change in geographic patterns in such data over time from 1790 to 2000.


The American Economy, 2015
Call Number: View online
  Reference book that discusses domestic economic indicators, consumers, personal finance, the labor market, business and income distribution in the United States. Entries are written in plain English and should be easily understood by most readers. Very comprehensible yet thorough research tool.
Unveiling Inequality by Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz; Timothy Patrick Moran
Call Number: HC79.I5 K68 2009; Shelved on Tutt 3rd Floor

Poverty Research -- Methodology

Multidimensional Poverty Measurement and Analysis
 Call Number:  View online
 Introduction to multidimensional poverty measurement and analysis

Congressional Research Service Briefings

Tax Rates and Economic Growth, 2014

The U.S. Income Distribution and Mobility: Trends and International Comparisons, 2012

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