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EC Econometrics: Write-N-Cite

Examination of methods of analysis commonly used in economics and business.


With Write-N-Cite, you can add footnotes/endnotes/in text citations to references in a manuscript with the click of a button.

Download and install Write-N-Cite button {under the TOOLS section in RefWorks} on your computer, the library computers have this already.

1.Editing FOOTNOTES 

/sAdd a specific page

- To cite page 43, add /s43 inserted before the semicolon
- Will read: {{1 Smith /s43;}}


/y Suppress the year field

- To hide the year field of a specific reference
- Will read: {{1 Smith 2003/y}} and after formatting will be: (Smith)

/a Suppress the author field

- To hide the Primary Author field for a specific reference
- Will read: {{1 Smith 2003/a}} and after formatting will be: (2003)

/h Hidden text

- To hide an entire citation, takes precedence over all other switches, hides the reference it is attached to AND all other references in the specific citation location as well the hidden references will be included in the bibliography.
- Will read: {{1 Smith 2003/h}} and when formatted will NOT appear.

/f Following text

- To place text at the end of a citation, such as a page number after the author and year information.
- Will read: {{1 Smith 2003/f p. 43}} and after formatting will be: (Smith 2003 p. 43)

/p Preceding text

- To place text in front of a citation, all text up to the next switch or the end of the reference citation is used as the preceding text, including spaces and tab characters.
- Will read: {{1 Smith 2003/pUnpublished work by }} and after formatting will be (Unpublished work by Smith 2003)

Using Refworks without Write-N-Cite

 You can still use RefWorks to create citations and bibliographies without the Write-N-Cite plug-in. (Open Office, WordPerfect, etc.)

I. Open text document

II. Open your Refworks account

A. Go to a folder

1.Switch to: One line/Cite View in the top drop down box.

B.Click on Cite link

1.. Copy what appears in box into text document

            i. format for in-text or bottom of page

C. Repeat as needed

 III. Create bibliography and format citations

A.    Same paper

B.     Click bibliography tab

a.       Select output style

b.      Click on Format Paper and Bibliography

c.       Browse to find document

d.      Click on Create Bibliography button