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EC Econometrics: Data Sets

Examination of methods of analysis commonly used in economics and business.

Selected Data Sets

Consider the time period -- current or  historical, and the format -- table to print or data to download to a spreadsheet.

PSID – Panel Study Income Dynamics

Data page:

Started in 1968 with a national U.S. sample of over 18,000 individuals in 5,000 families.
NOTE: Before downloading data for the first time, users must complete a short registration form

4 ways to select variables within the Data Center:
  - 1. File, 2. Search, 3. Cross-Year Index, and 4. Previous Carts.
  - You can use any of the four methods, and you can switch methods while you 'collect' variables.
  - To view the variables you have selected, simply click on the shopping cart on the right.

 Help - Introductory video, PSID user manual and Tutorials, Cite PSID Data

World Development Indicators (WDI)

Data page: WDI

Microdata Library

From the World Bank which is a source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries globally.
The organization is not an ordinary bank but rather a partnership to reduce poverty and support development.


Data page:

UCR - Uniform Crime Reporting Program

Data page:

Building Tool:

Select variable, then can download data set.

NLSY - National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

Home page ;

Navigator page; register to use :

 The Investigator User's Guide describes how to use this website.
An available tutorial also teaches how to search for variables in the Investigator


Time Series
same phenomina over specificed length of time

Cross Section
1 point of time in multiple places

combination of time series and cross section data


Don't forget to cite your data sources.


APA Style - Online Data Sets

Point readers to raw data by providing a Web address
- use "Retrieved from"

or a general place that houses data sets on the site
- use "Available from"


United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. (2008). Indiana income limits [Data file]. Retrieved from


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