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HY200 Topics in History Search for Islamic Order: Searching

Create A Keyword List

The right keywords help to effectively search catalogs, databases, and the Internet.

- Compile a list of keywords that represent each concept of your topic.

  • Try the Search Generator (Northwest Missouri State University) to help you create a keyword search.

    -Use more specific terms when searching databases versus catalogs.

    - Look for additional terms in your search results.

    •  Add these to your list.

    - Search Google Books for keywords in the title, table of contents, subject headings, and text of books.

    - Use the Library of Congress Authorities and Vocabularies thesaurus

    •  to find variations of keywords and subject headings.

      You may need to do multiple searches (RE -search) in various databases.
      With patient and persistence, you will find relevant material.

      Leverage Footnotes and Bibliographies

      Footnotes and bibliographies are a quick way to find related materials and track the names of popular authors.

      Mind Map

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