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Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies: CC Archives

Overviews of the History of Colorado College

J. Juan Reid, Colorado College: The First Century (4 copies in Tutt Library)

Robert D. Loevy, Colorado College: A Place of Learning (3 copies in Tutt Library)

CC diversity timeline:

Information Files on Race and Racism Available in Special Collections

Special Collection Hours: open 9-12 and 1-5, weekdays

  • Colorado College – Racism
  • Colorado College – Scandals and Embarrassing Incidents (hate crimes, Slocum Affair, free speech)
  • Diversity (Diversity Council, Diversity Task Force, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer, student/faculty recruitment, Minority Concerns Committee)
  • Diversity – Butler Center (est. 2014)
  • Diversity and Equity Advisory Board (DEAB) (est. 2015)
  • Students – African-American
  • Students – Asian American
  • Students – Demographics 
  • Students – Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender (LGBTQ, EQUAL Empowered Queers United for Absolute Liberation, QSA Queer Straight Alliance, Bathroom Swap)
  • Students – Japanese (1890s)
  • Students - Jewish
  • Students - Latinx (Latina, Latino, Hispanic, Chicana, Chicano)
  • Students – Native American
  • Students – Organizations – Asian American Student Union (AASU)
  • Students - Organizations - Black Student Union
  • Students – Organizations – Korean American Student Association (KASA)
  • Students – Organizations – Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)
  • Students – Organizations – Multicultural Organization of Students and the International Community (MOSAIC)
  • Students – Organizations – Native American Student Association (NASA) (changed to Native American Student Union, NASU)
  • Students – Organizations – SOMOS (MEChA)

Full list of all subjects:

Archive Boxes on Race and Racism Available in Special Collections

Special Collections Hours: open 9-12 and 1-5, weekdays 

  • Box 439 Admin - President - Mohrman, Kathryn 1993-2002 Reports, profiles, proposals, policies, studies, block plan evaluation, diversity
  • Box 456 Students - Latino/a 1971-1999 Latina, Latino, Chicano, Hispanic students; MEChA (Movimento Estudiatil Chican de Aztlan), publications La Chispa, Mirasol
  • Box 571 Students - African-American 1900-2015 Black Literary Magazine publication; Black Student Union; Black Awareness Week; clippings; correspondence
  • Box 684 Diversity 1874-2010 arranged by date: Minority Concerns Committee; newsletters; Office of Minority Student Life; Gormon; publication Fight the Power; ACM Minority Task Force, Minority Scholars; national programs (CEEB, Ford)

Full list of all archives boxes:

Digitized CC Yearbooks

Digitized CC Newspapers

How to Cite Archival Sources

The elements you should include when you cite archival sources (such as diaries, letters, memos, unpublished manuscripts, more) are: a description of the item, ideally including author and date; a call number or other identifying number for the item; and the name of the institution that holds it. Different style guides will of course require you to punctuate and capitalize these elements differently, and some style guides don't discuss archival sources at all. When in doubt, speak to your professor. 

Item in an information file: 

Memorandum from the President's Office to the Minority Education Committee, February 2, 1982. Information File "Students - Organizations - Native American Student Association," Colorado College Special Collections.

Item in an Archives box:

Partially-filled-out dance card, undated. Scrapbook of Elsie Medill, CC class of 1928, Archives Box 0956, Colorado College Special Collections.

Item in a manuscript collection:

Letter from Guy Harry Albright to Paul Peck, October 23, 1917, in Box 1, Folder 3 of the Albright Papers, Ms 0389, Colorado College Special Collections.

Special Collections

Hours: open 9-12 and 1-5, weekdays 


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