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MU 315 Music History 1: Getting Started

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Unlike text, a musical work isn’t about something. Usually, musicians are most interested in the work’s format (score, CD), genre (symphony, jazz ballad), and instrumentation (what forces perform the work).  Please ask us for help when you can't find what you need.  We have lots of tools to help!

Looking for a composer?

If you want to find works by a composer, do an AUTHOR search in the Tiger catalog.  This will bring up anything she has created (scores, recordings, writings, etc).

If you want to find out about a composer, do a SUBJECT search. 

For both of these searches, use this order-last name, first name:

Dufay, Guillaume

Many earlier composers' names are configured differently than the above standard order.  Josquin Des Prez and Guillaume, de Machaut are two examples.  Use the name you know and the catalog will guide you to the preferred name for searching.


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Welcome to the Music History 1 Guide!


Use the tabs, above, to roam through this guide.




from Les Enluminures: Antiphonal for the Day Offices, Diurnale Carmelitarum in quo continentur omnia quae cantantur in choro per annum [Carmelite Diurnal Containing Everything Sung in Choir throughout the Year]. In Latin, stenciled manuscript on parchment with musical notation. France, Paris, eighteenth century, c. 1700-40 (?) (after 1689). A copy of this volume may be viewed in CC's Special Collections department in Tutt Library.


Groves Music Online, found in the Oxford Music Online suite, is an essential companion and tool for scholars of classical, world, and contemporary music and musicians.  Coverage includes articles on jazz, opera, musical instruments, and American music.  Use this encyclopedia to find articles written by experts on your composer and topic.


The following databases will contain articles useful for your project:



JSTOR is a scholarly journal archives with many music titles.  Although many journals in JSTOR are archives only, JSTOR is now starting to host current content (the most recent issues).  It's best not to limit your search to music journals; you'll find articles about music in journals principally devoted to other disciplines.

The Music Index
this database provides excellent searchability.  Use this resource to gather citations.  There will be links to a few items that are full text.  We can always order articles that aren't full text, sometimes within 24 hours

RILM-International Repertory of Music Literature This database covers all types of publications on music, in all media: books, journals, online resources, research-based sound recordings and films, dissertations, and more. Publications represented in RILM originate from 151 countries.

For more information see the Music Subject Guide

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