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Journals to search for ethnographies


AnthroSource is an online resource for core journals in the field, developed by the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Provides access to complete archives of all AAA journals.

A sample of anthropology journals that publish ethnographies, listed in order of SCIMAGO journal rankings:

American Ethnologist

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography


Ethnography and Education

Journal of Organizational Ethnography


Tutt Library subscribes to a database of ethnographies from around the world, the electronic version of Human Relations Area Files or HRAF. eHRAF World Cultures contains ethnographic collections covering all aspects of cultural and social life. Use eHRAF on or off campus.


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Searching the Library Catalog for ethnographies by subject or keyword

Finding ethnographies in the library catalog is not simple. There isn't a specific Library of Congress subject heading just for ethnographies. Instead, ethnographies are catalogued with other books about the same regions or subject matter.

So, you have some options.

  • Search our catalog using “ethnography” as either a subject term or a keyword. This will give you lots of results. They won’t all be ethnographies (instead, they may be discussions of methodology or histories of anthropology). And this search will not list all of our ethnographies.
  • Search for “social life and customs” or “case studies.” Again, you will get a lot of results this way, but they will not be all of our ethnographies, nor will they all be ethnographies.
  • Your best bet is to first pick a social group, region, or subject you want the ethnography to be about. Then go to advanced search, and type your group in one search box and in the second box type “ethnography” or “case studies” or “social life and customs.” This will give you a shorter list of results, and will be easier to scroll through to pick out your most likely options.
  • Note: you will want to look at the actual book or item to determine it is an ethnography. A catalog record is not enough to determine that.

Searching for ethnographies by author

You can search for ethnographies by author. You can identify an ethnographer from class readings, discussions, or from one of the books in the Anthropology section of our reference collection (for example, Biographical dictionary of social and cultural anthropology, edited by Vered Amit.)

Then search through the following by author:

Best bets for articles through databases

Start your search for journal articles in these recommended databases.

TIP! You can use the same kind of search strategies in these databases to find ethnographies in the library catalog.