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ED 211: Framework for U.S. Education: Newspaper & Periodical Articles

Primary Sources for ED 211 assignment

Historical American Newspapers - Major Mainstream Titles

CC's Proquest Historical Newspapers were selected for geographical representation: East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and South. You may search each paper individually or in any combination. You can also search these newspapers with American Periodicals Series.

Historical American Newspapers - Free Online

More Historical American Newspapers

Speeches of the Day

Vital Speeches of the Day is a journal devoted exclusively to reprinting important speeches. Available from 1934 - current on Academic Search Complete.

Historical American Periodicals

Use sources only if primary. For example, works written by an eyewitness, or a reprinted speech; not an overview or second-hand account. Ask if you need help determining if a source qualifies as primary in relation to your topic.