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Poetry: Concrete & Visual Poetry

Use this guide to learn more about poetry books, journals, genres, websites, internet publications, contests, awards, and much more...

On Visual Poetry: Books in Tutt Library

Whitman via WordPress

Read the entire poem at Project Gutenberg



Irving Weiss, b. 1921

Pattern Poem

Pattern Poem with an Elusive Intruder

Reinhard Döhl (1934-2004)

Painted Poem

Interview with the Floating Man

Kenneth Patchen, 1911-1972

Copyright 1976 by Miriam Patchen

Internet Portals & Websites for Audio, Concrete, Interactive, & Visual Poetry

Carmen Figuration (Shaped Verse)

Easter Wings

Lord, who createdst man in wealth and store,
      Though foolishly he lost the same,
            Decaying more and more,
                  Till he became
                        Most poore:
                        With thee
                  O let me rise
            As larks, harmoniously,
      And sing this day thy victories:
Then shall the fall further the flight in me.


My tender age in sorrow did beginne
      And still with sicknesses and shame.
            Thou didst so punish sinne,
                  That I became
                        Most thinne.
                        With thee
                  Let me combine,
            And feel thy victorie:
         For, if I imp my wing on thine,
Affliction shall advance the flight in me.

 George Herbert (1593-1633)

What are Poetry Comics?

Want to know more about Poetry Comics?  Check out Jessy Randall's Editorial in this special issue of Snakeskin on the topic, out this very month, with plenty of other links of comics to browse:



Guilllaume Apollinaire (1880-1918)

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