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MA151 The World of Numbers (FYE): Home

LibGuide for Mathematics course, The World of Numbers.

Create a Keyword List

The right keywords help to effectively search catalogs, databases, and the Internet.

  • Start by compiling a list of keywords that represent each concept of your topic.
  • Use more specific terms when searching databases versus catalogs.
  • Try boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to link your terms together into a single search.
  • Look for additional terms in your search results. Add these to your list.

You may need to do multiple searches in each database to research your topic. However, with patient and persistence, you'll find relevant material.

Finding scholarly articles

When searching for scholarly articles, you are almost always best off using one of the library's subscription databases than you are simply searching the web. Google Scholar is a specialized Google search for academic and peer-reviewed material.

Of the databases listed below, JSTOR and Academic Search Compete cover virtually all academic subjects and contain mostly full-text articles (rather than just citations). If the topic of your paper is on an mathematician that heavily influenced another disipline, particularly one of the sciences, the more specialized databases, like ScienceDirect, or Web of Science are good options to search as well. Finally, to restrict your search to specifically mathematicians and mathematics, use MathSciNet, a search index databases (meaning the results are just citations and not full-text) from the American Mathematical Society.

Find Books

TIGER, the CC Library Catalog

TIGER will tell you what we own (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) or subscribe to (journals, databases, etc.) at Colorado College. It will not help you find articles in journals.

The Prospector Catalog will help you find books and other items in other Colorado libraries which you can request and have sent to Tutt Library for you to use.

WorldCat can help you find books in libraries almost anywhere and request them via interlibrary loan.

Please ask a librarian if you need help with TIGER, Prospector, or WorldCat.

Mathematics Subject Classification

The American Mathematical Society uses a specialized vocabulary called Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) for catagorizing articles and books according to mathematical subject areas. Each scholarly work has one primary MSC and can have multiple secondary classifications. This may be helpful when searching topics related to the mathematician from your assignment.

In the MathSciNet database, you can search by primary and secondary MSC. The main website fro the MSC is available at

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