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MU 182B Emotion and Meaning in Music: Websites

Evaluating Websites

There are times when it makes sense to search the web. Government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) publish reports and release data on the web. If you are studying a recent event or phenomenon, the web might be the most current source of information.

Evaluate the author and publisher

  • Who wrote the page?
  • Is the person qualified to write this page? Do they give their credentials?
  • What are their institutional affiliations?
  • Is the web site hosted by a reputable institution or organization? Check the “about” links if you aren’t sure who is publishing the page.

Evaluate the currency, accuracy, objectivity, and tone

  • When was the page created/updated?
  • Can you verify the accuracy of the information in another source?
  • Is there a political or philosophical slant?
  • Is the page really an advertisement or propaganda disguised as an information page?
  • All information has a bias. Make sure this is the opinion you want.