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The Emotional and Cerebral in Music, Philosophy, and Literature: Getting Started

Looking for a composer?


  • you want to find works by a composer, do an AUTHOR search in the Tiger catalog.  This will bring up anything she has created (scores, recordings, writings, etc).  Select VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION from the drop-down box.
  • you want to find out about a composer, do a SUBJECT search. Select VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION from the drop-down box.


  • You'll find books about music in Tutt Library.
  • You'll find music works (scores, media) in the Music Library.

For both of these searches, use this order-last name, first name:

Couperin, Francois

I can't find it in Tiger!

You can use Prospector to widen your search, including items that aren't owned by CC libraries or are checked out.

  • Access to materials (scores, books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) throughout Colorado and Wyoming
  • Materials arrive in 3-5 business days

To further extend your search, use WorldCat.  This is often the best way to find obscure items. Items typically arrive within 2 weeks.  Materials you find inside Colorado are better ordered through Prospector.

Music Library Services

Best Bets for Your Assignment

This guide is intended to help you with music research for your course.

Use the tabs above to roam through this guide.

Start with gathering an overview of your topic!

You need to take a broad view of your topic, so you can grasp its depth, breadth, and historical context. This will help you refine your topic, enabling you to present an interesting argument in a 5-page paper.

To help define your research topic, it often helps to consult some of the standard reference works and tools before searching for books, music materials, and journal articles.

Start with:

  • Groves Music Online. Part of the Oxford Music Online suite, this is the most important English-language resource for music.  Use this resource to locate background information on specific types of music (search by the name of the composer if you know it, or by the genre of music). Contains good bibliographies and links to other Internet resources. Provides sources on classical music, ethnomusicology, opera, jazz, and much more…

  • Searching these types of subjects in the Tiger catalog.  Select SUBJECT and VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION on the search page:                         

Music-18th century-history and criticism

Music theory -- History --16th century

Music -- Philosophy And Aesthetics

  If you are looking for information on a musical genre or style, such as organum, ars nova, etc., the best way to find suitable headings is to look in the record of a good resource you pull up during a search. 

 Here's a good way to mine SUBJECT HEADINGS:

  • Start with a WORD search first, selecting VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION.
    • NOTE:  you can also search by TITLE or AUTHOR, select different collections-then use the same process below.
  • When you find something useful click on the item and scroll down and take a look at the SUBJECT HEADINGS on those that interest you, to extend your search. This will broaden or narrow your search, linking you to items similar to the item your viewing.
  • A WORD search will usually reveal more results than a SUBJECT search.

  • REMEMBER!  Every person is a SUBJECT.



Libraries shelve like topics together; browsing will help you find something surprisingly useful that you may not have noticed in the catalog. Try the following call number ranges in both libraries:

  • ML159-161   General histories
  • ML 162-197  History by periods
  • ML459-1380 Instruments and instrumental music
  • ML3800-3923 Philosophy and physics of music

      For composer's biographies:

  • ML 410   These are organized alphabetically by last name of composer.

To see the complete list of music call numbers visit M is for Music!

To find articles on your topics see the MUSIC DATABASES and FIND ARTICLES pages above.


Music Librarian

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