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Early Government Documents

Publications from the Tutt Collection along with links to core documents.


Hayden and Powell Surveys of the West 

  • Hayden, F.V., I 18.1:
  • Powell, John Wesley, I 17.6:
  • Exploration of the Colorado River of the West,SI .2:C 71   

Wheeler and King Surveys of the West

  • King, Clarence, W 7.10
  • Wheeler, George M., W 8.5

Pacific Railroad Survey 

  • W 7.14: nos. (War Department copy)
  • Maps from map volume are in Map room, 4th floor

 U.S. Geological Survey

  • Annual Reports, 1880–1949, I 19.1:
  • Bulletins, 1883–1950, I 19.3:nos. 1-967
  • Monographs, 1890–1929, I 19.9:nos.
  • Professional Papers, 1902–1958,  I 19.16: v. 1-299

Territorial Papers

The Territorial Papers of the United States / Clarence Edwin Carter
    S 1.36:volume for Northwest, Southwest, Mississippi, Indiana, Orleans, Michigan
    GS 4.13:volume for Louisiana & Missouri, Illinois, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Wisconsin

State Department Territorial Papers, Colorado series
   Microform, Available by Request