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MU 228 From Stage to Screen: A Musical Transformation: Getting Started

Looking for a musical work?

If you're looking for a musical, theatre production, video, etc.  of a work with a distinctive name (Oklahoma, Trouble in Tahiti, Yellow Submarine, etc.  Use a TITLE search.  You can limit your search in the following ways:

  • VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION-you'll bring up scores, recordings, videos, and any books, or chapters in books, etc. about your musical.
  • MUSIC LIBRARY-you'll bring up everything located in the Music Library-mainly scores and audio/video recordings.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO-you'll bring up any audio/video recordings available in both libraries

If you're looking for a musical work with a generic title (Symphony, Concerto, Trio, etc.) try a WORD search with the most specific information you have, such as a key, musical number, etc. and the name of the composer. For more information for searching for works with a generic title, see the Music Subject Guide's page, Find Scores.

Looking for a Composer?

If you want to find works by a composer, do an AUTHOR search in the Tiger catalog.  This will bring up anything she has created (scores, recordings, writings, etc).

If you want to find out about a composer, do a SUBJECT search. 

For both of these searches, use this order-last name, first name:

Presley, Elvis

You're also able to search for sources about and works by musical groups:


Many contemporary composers have websites with sound files and biographical information.

Browsing Shelves-Ah, Serendipity!

BROWSE THE SHELVES!--You'll find sources you weren't expecting!

Libraries shelve like topics together; browsing will help you find something surprisingly useful that you may not have noticed in Tiger catalog. Try the following call number ranges in both libraries (although Tutt is your best bet):

  • ML102 Music encyclopedias
  • ML1711 Musical theater
  • ML2054 Music social aspects
  • ML410 Biographies of composers are located here, A-Z, by last if you're looking for Richard Rodgers, check in ML410 under the Rs.
  • ML420 Biographies of popular performers/composers are located here, A-Z, by last if you're looking for James Brown, check in ML420 under the Bs.
  • ML3800-Philosophy general) of music
  • ML3830-3840-Psychology of music
  • ML3845-3877-Aesthetics of music


  • Books about music are located in Tutt Library
  • Musical works (scores, recordings) are locate in the Music Library

Libraries also shelve similar types of musical works together.  Search for these in the Music Library.

  • M1503-Scores to musicals are located in this area, by last name of composer, A-Z.
  • Audio/Video recordings are best found in TIGER. Ask a staff member for help searching...we will pull these materials for you.

Best Bets

Best Bets for your assignments:

You'll find most of the readings for your course linked from your PROWL course page.

See hints on this page and on the Find Scores and Find Recordings/Videos pages to help you find scores and recordings.

The Find Articles page will help you find and use our many databases providing information on the broad disciplines of music.

This guide provides many hints for searching Tiger to discover music resources.

The following sources will provide additional information:

        Oxford Companion        This text in print in Reference area

  • Proquest Historical Newspapers.  Use the link below to search for contemporary reviews and comments about musicals, films, performers, composers, etc.


  • Groves Music Online. Part of the Oxford Music Online suite, this is the most important English-language resource for music. Use this resource to locate background information on musical instruments, peoples, and regions or nations, and musics of all types; jazz, opera, popular, etc.  Contains excellent bibliographies, illustrations,links to related articles within Groves, and links to other Internet resources. Includes some articles from the upcoming second edition of the Groves Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments.

These resources are a great way to

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Narrow an existing topic
  • Glean keywords for catalog and database searches
  • Leverage bibliographies for the next stage of your research


Searching the Tiger catalog


SUBJECT HEADINGS are a great way to widen your search, leading you to information about a musical-not just a score or recording of a musical.

The best way to find suitable headings is to look in a Tiger catalog record that you pull up during a search.

 Here's a good way to mine SUBJECT HEADINGS:

  • Start with a WORD search first, selecting VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION.
    • NOTE:  you can also search by TITLE or AUTHOR, select different collections-then use the same process below.
  • When you find a useful resource...scroll down in the record and take a look at the SUBJECT HEADINGS on those that interest you, to extend your search. This will broaden or narrow your search.

A WORD search will usually reveal more results than a SUBJECT search.

               Compare these searches:

                    Music videos  945 results

An asterisk is a truncation device that allows you to search for all letters coming after the root word you're using: (musical* perform*). This search, in quotes, will bring up results using both those root terms, and will search for additonal letters affixed to the roots.

I can't find it in Tiger!

You can use Prospector to widen your search, including items that aren't owned by CC libraries or are checked out.

  • Access to materials (scores, books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) throughout Colorado and Wyoming
  • Materials arrive in 3-5 business days

To further extend your search, use WorldCat.  This is often the best way to find obscure items. Items typically arrive within 2 weeks.  Materials you find inside Colorado are better ordered through Prospector.

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