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Comparative Literature Thesis

MLA Style


RefWorks is a website where you can save the citations to books, articles, and other references you are using in your research. You can then use RefWorks to create bibliographies and even footnotes in the citation style you select. You can use APA, Chicago, MLA, or any of several hundred other styles used by journals, publishers, and other organizations.

RefWorks is a service that the CC library subscribes to, and CC librarians can teach you to use the site or answer your questions.

To use RefWorks, you need to go to the RefWorks website while on the CC campus and click the link to sign up for a free account.

In addition to getting help using RefWorks from CC librarians, you can use the RefWorks Support Resources web page, or try the RefWorks YouTube channel for instructional videos.

Note: In the summer of 2017, CC updated from an older version of RefWorks (now called "Legacy Refworks") to the newest version. If you have an existing Legacy Refworks Account, you can watch this video for information about migrating to the new version.

Keeping track across the blocks

For a ten-page paper you write in a matter of days (or hours!), it's not too hard to keep track of ideas and citations.

For a thesis spanning your senior year, you may need some help. Try using some of these resources, and try them now instead of waiting until you are in crisis mode:

  • RefWorks (see the box at the left) to keep track of references and format your bibliography.
  • Free personal accounts in databases such as MLA and JSTOR to save searches or citations for later.
  • Evernote is my favorite note-taking and web-clipping application. Synchs notes from your computer to an account on the web to your mobile device, accessible wherever you go.
  • The Writing Center can help you at any point in the process.

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