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EC Thesis

Examination of methods of analysis commonly used in economics and business. Emphasis on non-experimental and quasi-experimental designs necessitating the use of models. and large sample methods, case studies, surveys, regression and forecasting.

Leverage Footnotes and Bibliographies

Footnotes and bibliographies  ... are a quick way to find related materials and track authors.


Two components:

1. what was cited in the orginal article and  2. find out who has cited an article since it was published

 Use Web of Science and Google Scholar

Citation Searching

Web of Science contains scholarly citation Indexes:

  • Science (1900-present); Social Sciences (1900-present); Arts & Humanities (1975-present)

Find influential articles and track citation usage.
Find what newer articles have used the original it since it was published.

Recommended for advanced users.

A Citation Map with forward and backward views. Source: Web of Science (Thomson Reuters)


  - note the "Cited by" links

Setting in Google Scholar

Make sure you have access to the full text of articles in CC subscription databases.

1. Under the menu bars, go to settings and library links

2. Type in Colorado College, select option and save.

This will give you access to those articles Tutt Library has behind firewalls.