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Political Science


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Book Emergency

The book I want is not available in Tutt and I can't wait for Prospector or ILL.

Search the catalogs of UCCS Library or Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD)

It's 5AM and I need one more book for my paper.

Try the Hathi Trust (a digital library of classics in most disciplines) or Google Books -- the book you need may have full or partial viewing.

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Browse the Garden Level stacks by these call numbers.

J Legislative & executive papers

JA Political science
JC Political theory
JF Institutions& administration
JJ North America
JL Canada &  Latin America
JN Europe
JQ Asia,  Africa,  Australia, Pacific
JS Local government
JV Colonization & Migration
JZ International relations

K Law in general. Jurisprudence

KB Religious law
KF United States
KZ Law of nations