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Asian Studies Senior Thesis Seminar: Books

Login to Library Catalog

Login to the Library Catalog to see what you have checked out or renew materials.

We have E-Books!

You will discover a variety of electronic books in the Tiger Catalog.  You will be able to view the full-text online.  You can also download e-books to a digital device, as long as Adobe Reader is installed.

Some e-books (mostly the ones that say EBL) in the catalog ask for a log-in. You simply need to create your own log-in, and then you should have full access.

For more detailed information on e-books, see the "E-Books at Tutt Library" guide.

Browse the Shelves

Books about Asian Studies are often shelved within other subject areas, such as art, politics, and literature. Once you find a good book in the stacks, browse the shelves for similar items.

Some general call numbers of interest:

DS 801-897 Japan history

DS 701-799.9 China history

DS 401-486.8 India history

For a complete list of call numbers by subject area, check out the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Find Books: Catalog, Prospector, and Worldcat

You have access to books from three sources -- the Library Catalog, Prospector, and WorldCat:

  • Catalog includes all of the books owned by Tutt Library 
  • Prospector gives you access to books in 22 regional libraries
  • WorldCat lists library holdings nationwide

Delivery Times

  • Prospector: 3-5 business days
  • WorldCat (Interlibrary Loan): 5-10 business days

Keyword Searching

Use the Search Generator from Northwest Missouri State University to help you create a keyword search. 

                        Using AND/OR/NOT (Boolean Search Operators)


Use AND to focus search and combine different aspects of your topic.

Example: vegetarianism and environment

Use OR to expand your search and find synonyms/related terms.

Example: global warming or climate change


Use NOT to exclude a word or phrase from your search

Example: emissions trading not United States


Additional Search Tips

"Phrase search"  - Use quotation marks (" ") to search for a particular phrase.

Example: "greenhouse gas emissions"

Truncation * - Use an asterisk to find variations of a word. Put an asterisk following the root of the word to find all variations of that word, including singular and plural.

Example: environment* (finds environments, environmental, environmentalist, etc.)

(Grouping/Nesting Keywords) - Use parentheses ( ) as a way to group all your search terms together.

Example: (climate change or global warming) and population growth

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