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FYE/ITL320/MU227-Word, Sound, and Drama in Italian Culture-Music Guide: Getting Started

Tutt Library's Renovation Year!

You'll need to request most books normally housed in Tutt from an offsite storage building.  Here's How to get books during the renovation.

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Looking for composers? Hot Search Tips!


  • you want to find works by a writer,  composer, performer, (any person), do an AUTHOR search in the Tiger catalog.  This will bring up anything she has created (scores, recordings, writings, etc).  Select VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION from the drop-down box.
  • you want to find out about a person, do a SUBJECT search. Select VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION from the drop-down box.

 So....a search for sources about Verdi is a SUBJECT search. If you're looking for things Verdi has created (musical works, letters, writings, etc.) you'll use an AUTHOR search.

When you're searching using a person's name, use this convention:  LAST NAME, FIRST NAME.

  • Verdi, Giuseppi


  • You'll find books about music in Tutt Library.
  • You'll find music works (scores, media) in the Music Library.
  • All other materials are located in Tutt Library

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Best bets for your assignments

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To help define your research topic, it often helps to consult some of the standard reference works before searching for books, music materials, and journal articles. 

Start with:

  • Grove Music Online, found in the Oxford Music Online suite, is an essential companion and tool for scholars of classical, world, and contemporary music and musicians.  Coverage includes articles on jazz, opera, musical instruments, and American music.  Use this encyclopedia to find articles written by experts on your composer and topic.  See the article on Philosophy.
  • Additionally, Grove presents extensive articles on musics of countries and regions--scan through the article on Italy. 
  • In Tiger, start with some Keyword searches:
    • Verdi* opera*.  An asterisk (*) is used as a truncation device, to extend your search.  It considers letters in front of it as a "root" word and broadens your search by including any other letters that could follow the root, e.g. Verdi's, Verdiana, operas, etc.  Of course, you may get some words irrelevant to your search: "operator", etc.
  • Once you find some sources that are useful, you can look for Subjects in the record to click on to narrow or broaden you search.
  • Searching these types of subjects in the Tiger catalog.  Select SUBJECT and VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION from the dropdown boxes on the search page:                         

              Music-18th century-history and criticism

              Music-19th century-history and criticism

              Motion picture music

              Motion picture music -- History and criticism

Some useful print resources:



And, you can BROWSE THE SHELVES!  In the Music Library only, during academic year 2016-17.  Ask me for help during this time.

Libraries shelve like topics together; browsing will help you find something surprisingly useful that you may not have noticed in the catalog. Try the following call number ranges in both libraries:

  • ML159-161   General histories here
  • ML 162-197  History by periods here

      For composer's biographies:

  • ML 410   These are organized alphabetically by last name of composer.

For articles about specific topics related to your research, use these databases:

Taylor & Francis journal package-Journal package consisting of Social Sciences & Humanities and Science & Technology collections, plus a few other selected titles. Coverage: 1997- current, for most titles.  This includes the journal, Journal of Modern Italian Studies, which is quite useful for this course.

JSTOR is a scholarly journal archives with many music titles.  Although many journals in JSTOR are archives only, JSTOR is now starting to host current content (the most recent issues).  When you search, JSTOR it's best not to limit your search to music journals; you'll find articles about music in journals principally devoted to other disciplines.

The Music Index
this database provides excellent searchability.  Use this resource to gather citations.  There will be links to a few items that are full text.  We can always order articles that aren't full text-these can be delivered to you via email, often within 24 hours.

RILM-International Repertory of Music Literature This database covers all types of publications on music, in all media: books, journals, online resources, research-based sound recordings and films, dissertations, and more. Publications represented in RILM originate from 151 countries.



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