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GS273 Museum Collections Management: Home

A course guide for the Museum Collections Management Class

Find News Articles

Find Journal Articles

Find Legal Cases

  • Click on the option "Look up a Legal Case" 
  • You will need to know either the case citation, or the name of at least one of the parties involved. 

Evaluate Web Sources

Think critically about the websites and internet resources you use. 

Things to consider: 

  • Author -- Who is writing this? Why are they knowledgeable about the subject? 
  • Purpose -- Why does this website exist? Is it to inform? Persuade? Sell a product? 
  • Bias -- Is the site objective and impartial?  What is the author's point-of-view?
  • Credibility -- Is the information current? Are sources cited?

Find Help

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Jessy Randall
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Cite Sources

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