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Thesis Submission Guidelines and Policies: Home

READY TO SUBMIT? Find the correct submission form here

When you submit your thesis electronically to Digital CC, it will be saved in perpetuity in the College's institutional repository, and available on the open web.

When you are ready to submit your thesis, click HERE to begin the process.

Fix submission issues by following these steps:

If you receive an error, open a new window and follow ALL the steps below:

1. Sometimes errors occur even when a thesis was submitted properly. Before resubmitting please check your department's collection for your year to verify that your submission did fail. 

2. IF the submission failed, note that the most common errors that prevent successful submissions have to do with formatting and file names. Please double check that you followed ALL guidelines provided. Then, once you have fixed any issues, resubmit. 

3. If you receive an error after checking both of the above issues, contact Jessy Randall and provide the following information: a screenshot of the error, the browser, and the operating system you used to submit your thesis.

Is your Thesis ready to submit?

  1. Is this the FINAL version of your thesis?
    • Your version is final when it has been approved by your advisor and all corrections have been made.
  2. Does your thesis have a title page?
    • If you need help formatting your title page this sample title page illustrates the key elements needed.
  3. Has your file been saved as a PDF/A?
    • PDF/A is an archival PDF format that preserves the fonts and formatting in your thesis, PDF/A files still show the “.pdf” file extension
    • If you need help changing your file to PDF/A, we have provided information here.
    • If you are still having trouble formatting your thesis as PDF/A contact Jessy Randall.
  4. Have you saved your file with an appropriate file name?
    • Your file name cannot include any punctuation or periods other than the file extension of “.pdf”
    • Your file name also cannot begin with a number

Submission Guide

We need information from you in order to display your thesis in an accessible way. Here is a step-by-step guide on the submission process to make sure you have the necessary information ready and formatted properly:

  1. To submit your thesis we will ask you to sign in to our system with your Colorado College Single Sign-In login.
    • The system may ask you to log in more than once, this is normal, simply log in again to continue the process.
  2. Navigate to your department using the list provided.
    • Not all departments are included, some departments, like English and Psychology, do not share theses in the digital repository. If you have questions as to why your department is not included, please ask your department or your Librarian Liaison
  3. Enter your “Author” information
    • Your name and email will be automatically populated by our system, please check these for accuracy.
    • Select your thesis advisor. If your advisor is not on the list add them using the space provided.
    • Select your graduation date.
  4. Upload your Thesis and tell us about it.
    • Enter your title. DO NOT copy and paste your title from your thesis, DO NOT type your title in ALL CAPS.
    • How long is your PDF? Include the last page number of your PDF.
    • If your PDF includes Illustrations/Graphics or Maps please check the appropriate box.
    • Select the appropriate languages.
    • If you have an abstract include it here. Copying and pasting from your PDF can make it difficult for our application to process, this can be mitigated by right-clicking and using the “Paste as Plain text” function.
    • Enter at least ONE key word.
      1. Do not include ACRONYMS. If you used an acronym in your thesis please spell it out when you use it as a keyword.
      2. NOTE for Economics & Business students: JEL Codes are not keywords, please include these in the abstract section after your abstract.
  5. Supporting Files
    • You can add up to five supporting files along with your thesis. Please title each file that you upload.
    • If your file is over 500 MB please contact Matt Hartmann.
  6. Agree to the Honor Code and Submission agreements
  7. Submit to Repository!

Why electronically?

  • Digital CC is an institutional repository designed to save your electronic thesis in perpetuity.
  • When submitted to Digital CC, your thesis will be available to link to on resumes and job applications.
  • Making your thesis Open Access on the web shares the creative work of the College with the world.


Your Department Office Assistant

The office assistant in the department of your major knows the submission policy for that department, and can help you with questions about submitting the final copy of your thesis.  If you have additional questions, contact Jessy or Chris.

Electronic Thesis Contact:

Jessy Randall, Curator/Archivist  x6875 or email Jessy

Print Thesis/Bindery Contact:

Chris Curcio, Accounts & Acquisitions Coordinator x6663 or email Chris

Tutt Library, Colorado College      Research Help Desk: 719-389-6662, Texting: 719-387-5441, E-mail: